Aircraft Servicer

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Aircraft Servicer

  • Plane Captains shall use standard aircraft handling and taxi procedures in accordance with (IAW) Naval Aviation Training and Operating Procedures Standardization (NATOPS), specific aircraft manuals, and local regulations, to support both Squadron and Transient aircraft.
  • The Plane Captain will manage the Line work center, including, but not limited to: Launch Aircraft: Pre-flight (pre-positioning support equipment, aircraft start-up), aircraft launch, aircraft directing, and aircraft wash. Recovery of Aircraft: Recovery (pre-positioning support equipment, aircraft directing, post-flight services), and aircraft directing. Aircraft Inspections: Perform Daily/Turnaround, Calendar, Conditional and Special Inspections in accordance with maintenance requirement cards and NAVAIR technical manuals Aircraft Inspections: Conduct Daily/Turnaround, Calendar, Conditional and Special Inspections within times annotated on applicable maintenance requirement cards and NAVAIR technical manuals Support Services: Pre/Post-Op checks and operation of support equipment, to include conditional/scheduled inspections and periodic maintenance (ladders, tie-downs, chocks, etc.), aircraft movement, fuel and defuel (including Hot-Pit operation), aircraft tie-down (prior to heavy weather and when directed by Maintenance Control), Landing, Detachment on-load and off-load, securing aircraft, servicing aircraft, and maintenance turns. The services described above may be performed multiple times each day on the same aircraft as the flight schedule dictates.
  • The Contractor shall also provide maintenance services in support of natural disasters and other unique situations (e.g., stranded aircraft rescue, national security support, ships movement, etc.). The government will provide 24 hours notice of such emergent requirements that require schedule changes if practical. Should the contractor actually be required to support the function (i.e., if the Contractor is actually called to duty), the Contractor will be reimbursed for such services.
  • The Contractor shall also provide maintenance services in support of emergency situations such as aircraft mishap / emergency reclamation and salvage which require prompt response. During normal working hours the Contractor shall respond with support services immediately. After or before working hours, the Contractor shall provide support services within 24 hours of notification by the government the Contractor will be reimbursed for such services when outside normal working hours Plane Captain Qualification Contractor personnel who are required to obtain qualification as a Plane Captain to perform requirements of this service contract shall complete the applicable aircraft Type/Model/Series training syllabus within 60 days of employment provided government training is available Safety Requirements The Contractor shall comply with all safety regulatory guidance including those as detailed in appropriate DoD, Navy, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and local instructions.
  • The Contractor shall be responsible for the safety and accountability of all its employees. In the event of an accident, the Contractor shall take reasonable and prudent action to establish control of the accident scene prevent further damage to persons or property, preserve evidence until released by the accident investigative authority, and cooperate and assist Government personnel in the investigation of the accident. Security Requirements The Contractor shall provide information and documentation to comply with the requirements identified in DD Form 254, DoD Contract Security Classification Specification, attached to this contract.
  • The Contractor shall obtain all security clearances and badges for entry into controlled areas IAW the security clauses of this contract.
  • The Contractor shall ensure each employee displays badges on the outer clothing on the front of the body between the neck and waist so that the badges are visible at all times except when restricted by local flight line and hangar safety. The Contractor shall ensure all Contractor personnel receive required security briefings. Equipment and Facilities The Government will furnish all facilities, equipment, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (with the exception of respirators and safety shoes), and materials and supplies (consumables) required for accomplishment of this contract. Some equipment will also be available on a shared basis. This applies to Automated Data Processing Equipment (ADPE), peripherals (printers, copiers, facsimile machines, scanners, etc.), vehicles (general and special purpose), support equipment, and tools. The Government will be responsible for repair/replacement of all furnished items unless the repair/replacement is necessitated by improper Contractor use or negligence. Additionally, facilities may be shared with Government personnel Schedule Changes The Contractor shall support the squadron flying mission which requires some flexibility in scheduling. To meet flying requirements, the government may choose to alter work schedules and/or extend working hours, on either a temporary or permanent basis. The government will provide a minimum of three (3) work day’s notice of such scheduling changes. The length of such surge requirements will be driven by operational requirements Housekeeping
  • The Contractor shall be responsible for the cleaning, housekeeping and maintaining all assigned spaces, and those not specifically designated as military-only spaces. For health and safety, spaces shall be kept in a clean, neat, and Foreign Object Damage (FOD)-free condition meeting acceptable standards as prescribed by the pertinent instructions.
  • The Contractor is responsible for the cleanliness of all areas disturbed during the work process.
  • The Contractor shall maintain areas outside facilities in a clean, FOD-free condition. Broken or damaged Government property shall be reported to the on-site COR not later than one (1) workday after discovery. Damage to Government Property is covered in Section I Clause # 52.245-2. Periodic Zone Inspections will be conducted by the Government to ensure proper cleanliness, upkeep, and usage of Government facilities used by the Contractor.


  • When applying, please submit a resume that describes the skill sets that match the specific items addressed in the job description.
  • Be prepared to provide documentation that provides proof of formal schooling, OJT and years of experience.
  • Pre-employment Physical, audiogram, background check and drug screening
  • Must be able to stand for extended periods of time.
  • Must be able to work in a high noise environment (Active Flightline)
  • Must not have fear of heights * Must be able to work in confined space (F-18 Cockpit)
  • Must have valid Driver License
  • Must be qualified for and able to maintain a CAC Card.

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