Cut & Wrap Associate

Tualatin, Oregón, EE. UU. Sol. nº 6188
jueves, 16 de septiembre de 2021

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 The Cut and Wrap associate cuts, packages and repackage products to customer specifications.  This includes cutting and dispensing product and repackaging and labeling goods to be sent out to the customers.  Soft and hard cheeses, olives and nuts are taken from the vendors’ containers and re-sized or packaged to meet customer specifications.  This may also include re-packaging of butter or dairy goods into smaller containers or units.  The employee uses hand-held cutting tools and knives, hydraulic cutting machine and scales to customize products.  The products are then re-packaged, weighed, x-rayed, labeled and boxed in preparation for shipment to the customers.  If desired by the customer, the products are pre-priced as well. In between product changes, the employee sanitizes the work area and follows food safety rules when working with products. The second shift of this job class also performs daily cleaning of the Cut and Wrap room in accordance with DPI cleaning protocol. There is a monthly intensive cleaning of this area including wall and ceiling scrubbing. The employee rotates work tasks every 1-2 hours. The employee must be in good health when in the work environment and should be free from any food allergies.  The work is done in a confined area. The work is team-paced and product line-paced and the employee must keep up with the work flow. 


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Handle knives, and cutters to resize cheese products for repackaging or trim products for appearance.
  • Inspect products for quality using vision and smell.
  • Bag cheeses to prepare for sealing in Cryovac* for “dip sealing” or heat tunnel.
  • Operate Cryovac, x-ray, scale, heat tunnel, box tape and sealing machine for labeling, weighing, preparing and packaging goods.
  • Transport products from clean room using carts, U-boats, L-boats, or pallet jack.
  • Unbox vendor goods and disassembles boxes for recycling.
  • Assemble boxes in Cut and Wrap room for re-packaging products.
  • Box products to prepare for shipping to the customer.
  • Manually wrap soft cheese products using saran wrap and heat sealer.
  • Apply knowledge of and follows proper food safety protocol for working in the exposed food area including Don/Doff smocks, hairnets, sleeves, steel toe shoes and gloves.
  • Apply knowledge of product and client specifications to understand product shape, sizes and weight requirements for individual orders.
  • Tolerate cold environment (38-54 degrees) for prolonged periods of time.
  • Use cleansers and rags to sanitize work area in between product changes.
  • Handle water hose, soap, chemicals, brushes, brooms and mops to perform daily room cleansing.
  • * Repackage nuts, olives and brine into containers for product shipping.
  • * Handle stainless steel baskets to dip bagged cheese for sealing.

*Portland Facility


Other Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Maintain clean work environment, including picking up trash or cleaning spills.
  2. Operate washer dryer to clean frocks and towels.
  3. Other duties may be assigned to fulfill DPI’s objectives.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:   The employee must be proficient in English and basic math skills.  A high school diploma or equivalent is required.


Work Environment:  The work environment is indoors and the employee is exposed to a cold climate when at work (38-54 degrees).  The floors are concrete with anti-fatigue mats positioned at machines and work tables.  The environment is confined with multiple workers in close proximity to one another.

Work Hours:   Employees work 5 days a week, 8 hours a day.  There are different shifts for this position.  Work hours and shifts are subject to change depending on operating business conditions and needs.  Overtime is frequently required.


Physical and Mental Demands: Medium- Heavy. 20 to 50 pounds of force is exerted occasionally, and up to 20 pounds of force frequently, to handle or transport product, packages and operate hand-held cutting devices.  75 pounds of pull force may be required when operating hand held slicers to cut certain products.  This job requires constant standing.


The employee must know and apply proper safety and food handling protocols; know and apply protocols and procedures for using cutting and sealing tools and operating machines; and apply product and client specification knowledge for accurate and proper sizing and packaging of products.  Basic mathematic functions are performed to determine sizing differences and to compare product with desired specifications. The employee must know and follow DPI grooming, hygiene and dress code, and wear all personal protective equipment and frocks, hair nets and other items required for food handlers.


Supervisory Responsibilities:   None

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